At Carite we can settle existing finance.

Money is paid instantly when sale has been agreed. There is also no admin fees.

Your process is easy and convenient making it a stress free sale for you.

Why Sell Your Car to Carite?

Most other vehicle buying centres use auctions to distribute the vehicle purchased from you. The plan is of course for the auction to sell the vehicle for considerably more money in order to obtain the vehicle buying centre a healthy profit, however there are also hidden costs that also need to be taken into account by the vehicle buying centre when offering you a price.

Carite doesn’t incur any of these costs and this is why we believe we can offer you the BEST PRICE TODAY!

Vehicle Buying Centres

In most vehicle buying centres, there are a lot of costs involved before the vehicle reaches the forecourt. They take these costs into account when offering you a price.

VBC buys vehicle

Vehicle transported to auction


Buyer pays auction fees


Auction sells vehicle for a profit

Vehicle on forecourt

At Carite

We cut out many of the steps that most vehicle buying centre use and this is the reason we believe OUR PRICE IS BEST!

If your vehicle fits our stock profile

Carite buys your vehicle

Vehicle on Carite forecourt

If your vehicle does not suit our stock profile

Carite buys your vehicle

Carite trades your vehicle

Vehicle on trader forecourt